Fibbing for Fame and Folly


This illustration by John Schmelzer appeared in the December 1986 issue of Ford Times.

Calling All Liars!

As we move toward closing the ledger on 2019, we can count on a few things that are given. One is that the weather is cooling down while the other is that the competition for the top tall tales teller is starting to heat up. Yes, it’s time once again for the Burlington Liars Club annual Top Lie of the Year contest. Entrants have been stretching the truth with their fabulous tales since 1929 in this unique contest and this year should be no different. However, time is running out for your chance to avail yourself of the opportunity to lie with no real consequence or a growing nose or pants catching on fire!

Join the ranks of Chuck Goldstein of Janesville, Wisconsin who won last years contest with this fib, “I got my DNA tested by Ancestry and found out that I’m 1/16 German Shepherd.”

The deadline to submit an entry is December 15th. Any lies received after that time will be entered in next year’s competition.You can send your tall tale to: Burlington Liars’ Club, P.O. Box 156, Burlington, WI 53105 or send an email to: along with your name, address and your entry. If you or someone you know would like to become an official card carrying member of the Burlington Liars’ Club, include $1 for each membership along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please do not submit your entries via Facebook messenger as the club has no way to get in touch with you. Thank you.